Tuesday Transfer Update – June 23rd

In the week Team Envy won their debut tournament with Turbopolsa, The Brawl 10K, we saw plenty of exciting roster moves. Here’s this week’s transfer update.

Alpine Esports signs Affinity

Jordan, Majicbear, Percy and Affinity’s substitute Creamz have been signed by the Minneapolis-based Alpine Esports. This means that Alpine has also gained a guaranteed slot in Year 1 Split 1 and Split 2 in the leaked new format.

Retals benched by the Pittsburgh Knights

Retals was seen adjusting his !team command, which confirmed he had been benched by the gold and black team. The Knights played with WondaMike in The Brawl 10K.

Jamal Jabary lose two

In a tweet on Sunday, Spyder announced that he would be looking for teams for future events. Their substitute EthanPlusPlus also appears to have left the team, leaving only Toastie and Lj on the roster.

Mousesports departs Rocket League

Mousesports dropping their roster and leaving Rocket League will leave an org shaped hole in the hearts of Flipsid3, The Bricks and mousesports fans alike. As expected, Speed and kuxir will be sticking together but have not yet chosen a team name.

Tom Hurrell

Community Manager for Rocket Kingdom. Sigmσyd first joined the Rocket League scene in late 2016 as an editor at Liquipedia, but he is better known in the high school esports community for founding and managing AGSB Esports. Tom is the community manager for Rocket Kingdom, meaning he's in charge of managing website content, liasing with other UK event organisers and keeping the mod team happy.

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