The Brawl 10K Conclusion and Recap

This Saturday marked an exciting conclusion to 3v3 tournament The Brawl 10k. Hosted by RLCS analyst Lawler, The Brawl 10k is the third event in Psyonix’s Community tournament June to come to an end, and the 2nd NA-exclusive event.

Owing in part to the recent NA roster shuffle, there were numerous stand-ins in place for this tournament. Rogue were playing with CorruptedG in place of Turinturo, Envy brought in Turbopolsa, and Rat Enterprises (formerly Cloud9) tried out Allushin as their third.

Group Stage

The event pit eight invited RLCS teams against eight teams from an open qualifier in four groups of four. Group A & D concluded as expected, with G2, Pittsburgh Knights, Rogue and Envy all qualifying for playoffs over their rivals.

However groups B & C saw less expected results. 3 Star Armada surprisingly joined Spacestation in emerging from Group B. This recently formed squad (Skillz, PrimeThunder, Demo) beat out the two RLCS teams in their group, Soniqs and eUnited, to make it to the playoffs.

In Group C, NRG were joined by former RLRS team 72 Pin Connector after they narrowly beat out Rat Enterprises in the Loser’s Final.

Playoff Bracket

G2 quickly swept underdogs 3 Star Armada in Round 1. Envy eliminated 72 Pin Connector and Spacestation took out Pittsburgh Knights with equally convincing score lines. Rogue put up a fight against NRG but ultimately could not best the new lineup, hot off their win in Codename: COVERT.

The semi-finals proved to be disappointingly one-sided, as neither G2 nor Spacestation could take a single game off their respective opponents Envy and NRG. G2 managed nothing more than a single goal across the entire series. Spacestation weren’t capable of much better with a meager three goal performance.

Final bracket. Credit to Liquipedia.

Grand Final

Thankfully, the poor semi-finals were more than made up for by an astounding Grand Final between Envy and NRG. Tension and excitement grew in an already stacked matchup as fans realized Turbopolsa had found his way into a grudge match against the team that kicked him from their roster only a week earlier. 

A one-goal win for NRG in game 1 was quickly equalized by an overtime win by Envy. NRG again pulled ahead a game, only for Envy to respond and then take a further overtime win. NRG in turn brought the series to game 7 with a single goal. The back-and-forth matchup culminated in a deadlock for the entire final game. But with 4 seconds left, Turbopolsa was granted one final play, nailing a top-shelf shot to beat out the two defenders in net.

Lawler and CJCJ joined in on jokes about the picture perfect series that ended the tournament. Envy will be happy with the result, scripted or not, as they take home their $5500 share of the 10k prize pool. Turbopolsa’s future plans remain unannounced, though this vindicating result is more than enough proof he would be a solid addition to any EU or NA roster.

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