British Esports Championships format shake-up

The organiser for the UK’s top high school Rocket League event has revised the Championship’s format to address feedback from participants and allow more teams to participate.

The previous BEC format featured a split season system, with the winner of both the Winter (October – December) and Spring (January – March) splits competing in the LAN season finals. This year the finals were held online due to the COVID-19 crisis.

The new format removes the split system and instead divides the year into qualifiers and leagues. Over the cause of what was the winter split, teams must earn points from what seems like an open round-robin system (if you’ve ever seen the lower tier ESEA leagues, like that). The top teams will progress to the first division, with the remaining teams going into the second division.

Expected BEC format

From there, the teams are divided into round-robin groups, with the top teams from each group progressing to playoffs. Teams that reach the semi-finals qualify for the LAN end of season event.

Tom Hurrell

Community Manager for Rocket Kingdom. Sigmσyd first joined the Rocket League scene in late 2016 as an editor at Liquipedia, but he is better known in the high school esports community for founding and managing AGSB Esports. Tom is the community manager for Rocket Kingdom, meaning he's in charge of managing website content, liasing with other UK event organisers and keeping the mod team happy.

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