Eurocup results: shocking victory for Team BDS

In a night full of surprises, the biggest was easily BDS upsetting mousesports twice to win the Eurocup, here are all the results.

The French roster started in Qualifier 2 last Thursday, where their closest match was a 3-2 victory over Apparently_Jack’s Stormtroopers. They swept Magnifico and Top Blokes to progress as the higher seed from the qualifier.

Day One

FC Barcelona, the weakest of the invited teams based on recent results, were hindered further by using the event as a tryout for Moroccan star itachi. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Team BDS defeated them, but few expected a 4-0 (3-1, 3-1, 4-1, 3-1) sweep.

On the same night, Team BDS faced RLCS Season 9 Europe champions Dignitas. The Dutch roster had just taken down FUSION 3v3 winners Oxygen Esports, and by all means looked like the better side. BDS stunned an audience of 10,000 live viewers, winning 4-1, and sending Dignitas to the lower bracket.

There was trouble was coming from the other side of the bracket though. Mousesports had just won three consecutive games to salvage a 3-1 deficit against Renault Vitality. In their first match of day two, BDS would have to face the team that just took down the best side in Europe.

Day Two

BDS and mouz were going blow-for-blow, and game five was going to prove to be crucial in deciding the series; the winner would reach match point, and have two opportunities to close out the series. Then, with zero seconds left on the clock, this happened.

After an awkward exchange following the restart, BDS took the game 3-2. Mousesports answered back the following game with a 2-1 victory but succumbed to the pressure from the French side in game seven.

To force a rematch, mousesports needed to beat Renault Vitality once again; this time though, the yellow side was coming off a fiery 3-0 (4-0, 4-0, 4-0) victory against the Vodafone Giants. Vitality took the first game in seven minutes, but it only took mouz one game win to disrupt the momentum. The maroon mice won 4-1 (1-2*, *3-2, *2-1, 3-2, 3-1).

The time had come for BDS to validate their winners’ final win. Suffice to say, they didn’t start on the right foot; mousesports, now 2-0 up, were looking scary, but BDS were not prepared to wave the white flag yet.

BDS three. Mousesports one. BDS three. Mousesports one. BDS six. Mousesports one. MaRc_By_8 was pulling his French teammates up the mountain, and now, they only needed one more game. Heading into the final minute the French were 1-0 up, but a misread by M0nkey M00n left a large enough opening for Speed to tie the score with just 30 seconds left.

For Team BDS, any goal now was golden, and after two near misses from Marc, M0nkey M00n redeemed himself by cleaning up and claiming overtime. BDS beat mousesports 4-2 in the grand final.

The completed Eurocup 10K bracket. Credit to Liquipedia

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