Salt Mine II 1v1 Tournament Details Revealed

The first details about Salt Mine II have been announced by its host and organizer Johnnyboi_i. The Salt Mine II is a 1v1 tournament that follows up on its successful predecessor from 2019.

Johnnyboi_i has partnered with Psyonix for the tournament, which will feature a distinctly different format from other Rocket League events. For both EU and NA, invites will be handed out to the top 32 players on Rocket League’s 1v1 ranked leaderboard on the 19th June. There will be separate regional tournaments for the two regions, departing from the cross-region World Championship format of the original Salt Mine. Also, unlike the first season, matches will be shown live as opposed to pre-recorded.

The closed qualifiers will be single-elimination and run from the 21st through 28th of June, with four available qualifiers for each region. Four players will directly secure a spot by winning a qualifier. Points will also be gained based on performance across all available qualifiers, and the four remaining spots will be rewarded for amassing the most total points.

Results from the first Salt Mine World Championship. This iteration will not have a cross-region worldwide segment. Credit to Liquipedia.

The eight qualified teams will face each other in a double elimination bracket until the top 4. It will then move to a single-elimination tournament for the semifinals and grand finals. South America will be able to join NA qualifiers whilst Middle Eastern players can join European qualifiers. Owing to Psyonix’s involvement, there will be a minimum age requirement of 15 – which unfortunately prohibits some notable 1s players from entry.

The details come as Johnnyboi_i’s FUSION tournament concluded this weekend. Vitality were crowned overall champions, winning both 1v1 and 2v2. A new Oxygen lineup with Aztral in place of Fruity took the 3v3 title. With Fusion’s extraordinary 1v1 grand final, fans are all the more excited by the announcement of yet another high level 1s tournament to fill the gap in LANs seen during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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