British Esports All-Star Showdown Teams Confirmed

Following an intense session of qualifiers yesterday, the eight current and past British Esports Championships participants that reached the main event are as follows:

Sunderland Seers – Sunderland College – Dewart, Vinny, Ben Dog

The Seers are looking to continue their hot streak following their victory over the Hotshots and a near sweep in the Schools vs Unis showmatch, an old adversary awaits them on the other side of the bracket though.

SRCulater – Southern Regional College – Rated, DHMK, Klamarik243

Despite going their separate ways last year, this title winning Northern Irish crew have reunited for the BEAS. They are the only team to have beaten the Seers in the two-year history of the British Esports Championships, but the next team might have something to say about that.

DON’T PANiC! – Northgate High School – sushi, Tommyd27, AwesomeS64

The Spring 2020 split runners-up from East Anglia had a relatively easy run through the upper bracket, dropping only one goal against minnows Felsted School in their first match then beating AGSB Esports 3-1 to qualify, they face the next team in round one.

Clyde Hotshots – Glasgow Clyde College – QKamil, TheZappa6995, Colossal

Last time we saw the Hotshots they got beaten 4-2 in the 2019/20 season grand finals, but the Autumn 2019 split winners are back and hungry for revenge against the Seers. The team they beat back in the Autumn split finals, however, was taken down 3-0 by the next team.

Crosskeys Kings – Coleg Gwent – Tails, Erratiiik, Chyrligwgan

The only Welsh representatives in the event made a name for themselves in the Autumn 2019 split, reaching the semi finals. Their path to the finals was not plain sailing though, an early loss to AGSB Esports dropped them down to the lower bracket where they were almost reverse swept by Felsted School. Speaking of AGSB…

Matador Gaming – Marling School – Evil Ed, Imagecreatorx, Kota

Not the team you were expecting, I know. One of the first established high school esports teams is fielding this iteration of its Rocket League team for the last time. They beat AGSB Esports 3-2 in the lower bracket, scoring three goals in the last minute of game 5 to win that game 4-3 in regular time.

The Ferrers Esports – The Ferrers School – Star, hazza, OdelllTSU

A team had to put the Matadors into the lower bracket of course, and the Ferrers did it over a five game series. They then had a much simpler series against Basilisk, well, ignoring the games hazza decided to use a Scarab and a Proteus. They won game five of that series 6-0 to progress to the main event, where they will face a relic of the high school esports scene.

Fortes Esports – Carmel College – MaGiK, Spruce, jam

These three have a good habit of turning up, dominating, then vanishing. They did it twice last year, winning the Autumn 2018 BEC split and beating EP Esports in the schools grand final at Insomnia64 last year. This time though, they have to face teams that were in the colleges division like the Seers and SRC.

Commiserations to AGSB Esports, Basilisk, Felsted Esports and EP Esports, perhaps their time will come in the Autumn split.

All the quarterfinals will be broadcast live on the RocketKingdomTV channel on 25th May. The following rounds on the 26th, 28th and 29th will be broadcast on the British Esports Association’s Twitch channel.


Community Manager for Rocket Kingdom Sigmσyd first joined the Rocket League scene in late 2016 as an editor at Liquipedia, but he is better known in the high school esports community for founding and managing AGSB Esports. Tom is the community manager for Rocket Kingdom, meaning he's in charge of managing website content, liasing with other UK event organisers and keeping the mod team happy.

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