British Esports Championships 2019/20 Season Concludes

The most hotly anticipated event of the UK schools and colleges esports scene, the British Esports Championships finale took place online today.

The final featured the winners of the Autumn and Spring splits, the Glasgow Clyde Hotshots and the Sunderland Seers. The final was moved online after Insomnia was cancelled due to the current global situation.

The two sides had not met before today but following the Seers dominant performance against a selection of the top NSE Rocket League teams, such as Durham (3-2 win) and Newcastle (2-3 loss), they were heavily favoured going into the series. The Hotshots did not participate in the Spring season of the Championships meaning that their most recent BEC result was a 4-2 victory over Welsh side Basilisk in the Autumn split grand final.

Both teams fielded their usual rosters throughout the series, Dewart, Vinny and Ben Dog for the Seers and QKamil, Colossal and TheZappa6995 for the Hotshots. The Glaswegians opened the scoring with a redirect onto the left side of the Seers’ goal and, despite Sunderland showing signs of life as the game continued, they maintained the lead throughout to win game one 4-1.

Despite a fiery opening game, the pace slowed quickly, Ben Dog fired the ball into the near post to secure the only goal of the second game and the third game featured only a single legitimate goal, Vinny pinched the ball into his goal from his own backboard after flying in from an awkward angle but redeemed himself when he forced a poor touch from TheZappa6995, who tapped the ball into his own goal.

This slow pace continued into the first half of game four, but with two minutes left a poor clear from Dewart presented an open net opportunity for the Hotshots, TheZappa6995 sent the ball flying into the net. They proceeded to score 3 more goals, winning the game 4-0 overall.

Dewart finally turned his monitor on at the start of game five, he controlled the match, scoring three goals and setting up Vinny for his first. The Seers won 5-0 and carried that momentum into game six where Dewart scored within the first minute, the Hotshots did have a say in the outcome of the game though – a defensive mistake from the Seers allowed QKamil to tie the game at 1-1. With 90 seconds left Dewart pinched the ball off the Hotshots crossbar to regain the lead and that is the way the score stayed, despite a late offensive push from the Glaswegians.

The Seers won the series 4-2, their second win of the weekend as they also won the equivalent Overwatch competition on Friday.

Commiserations to the Clyde Hotshots for playing their hearts out but falling at the final hurdle to the omniscient Sunderland Seers.

Tom Hurrell

Community Manager for Rocket Kingdom. Sigmσyd first joined the Rocket League scene in late 2016 as an editor at Liquipedia, but he is better known in the high school esports community for founding and managing AGSB Esports. Tom is the community manager for Rocket Kingdom, meaning he's in charge of managing website content, liasing with other UK event organisers and keeping the mod team happy.

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